General Exploration Grant Competition Information

The objective of the Exploration stream is to generate opportunities for researchers to conduct high-risk, high-reward and interdisciplinary research not easily supported through funding opportunities currently offered by the Tri-agencies. It seeks to inspire highly innovative projects that defy current research paradigms, propose a unique scientific direction, bring disciplines together beyond the traditional disciplinary approaches, and/or use different perspectives to solve existing problems. Projects may range in value and duration, up to $250,000 over two years ($125,000 per year, including 25% to cover indirect costs). 

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Program Quick Facts
  • Review the most recent competition requirements in the 2022 Exploration Competition details.
    • NFRF launched the 2022 competition in May, with deadlines in July (NOI) and September (Full Application).
      • The NOI summary is not editable once submitted, and is made available to reviewers at the full application stage. It is essential that the NOI summary contain no identifying information about the team.
      • Applications are submitted using the Convergence Portal.
    • NOIs will be used for administrative purposes. Full Applications are reviewed by external reviewers (via a double-blind process) and then evaluated by a multidisciplinary review panel of national and international members with broad expertise.
    • The five selection criteria are assessed as follows:
      • Interdisciplinarity = pass/fail
      • EDI in Research Practive = pass/fail
      • High-risk = 40%
      • High-reward = 40%
      • Feasibility = 20%