SSHRC Partnership Development Grants

SSHRC Partnership Development Grants (PDG) provide support to new or existing partnerships for initiatives that advance research, provide research training, and/or knowledge mobilization in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

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SSHRC PDG Quick Facts

Full application deadline: Nov 30th 2017

  • Full application funding: $75,000 to $200,000
  • Duration: 1-3 years
  • Apply through web application
  • Application requires a SSHRC web CV

SPARC Resources for SSHRC PDG
Hampton Co-funding Program for SSHRC Partnership Development Grants

The Hampton Co-funding Program supports PDG applicants in securing a portion of institutional and partner contributions for their proposed PDG. For more information, please click here

SPARC Support Services for SSHRC PDG

Program Outreach
Project/ Proposal Development
Introduction & Planning Meetings
  • Partnership and research development strategy
  • Project framework
  • Team, partnership and network building and brainstorming sessions
  • Budget and in-kind/cash contributions
  • Meeting with students/program managers for training on proposal preparation
  • Information on Hampton Co-Funding Opportunity of $5,000
Proposal Review
  • SPARC Review : Initial, in-depth written review of drafts of proposals or modules , follow-up meetings and communications
  • SPARC Internal Peer Review: by previous successful UBC applicants
  • SPARC Final Review: final reviews

Note: reviews are offered in partnership with Faculty-/Institute-based grant facilitators

Final Submission

Consult  UBC Office of Research Services (ORS) to confirm submission requirements: ORS Calendar of Deadlines , and don’t forget your Research Project Information Form 

SSHRC PDG Program Statistics


SPARC Contacts

Dawn Whitworth: Associate Director

Alan Kingstone: SSH Research Advisor