NSERC Research Tools and Instruments Grants

The Research Tools and Instruments Grants (RTI) program is the primary NSERC competition available to natural sciences and engineering researchers for obtaining funding support for the acquisition of research equipment.

Since 2013 NSERC has set a quota for each university for the number of RTI applications that can be submitted to the national annual competition. In order for an RTI application to be selected for submission to NSERC, UBC researchers must submit application packages to an institution-wide, peer-review pre-selection process. See details below in the "NSERC RTI SPARC Services and Resources" section, and specifically in the linked "Application Requirements for NSERC RTI Pre-Selection" document (CWL required).

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NSERC RTI Quick Facts
  • Permissible requested amount: between $7,001. and $150,000. (one time award)
  • Total net cost of equipment being purchased must be less than $250,000. (additional funding must be in place and confirmed at time of application)
  • Application deadline (annual): October 25
  • UBC Pre-selection deadline: Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 (at 5pm)
  • Applicants must hold active NSERC research grant, or presently be applying for an NSERC grant
  • Proposal can include items that form a comprehensive system intended to support a single or multiple research programs
  • Bundling of unrelated equipment, or of duplicate tools/instruments intended for different uses, is not permitted

NSERC RTI SPARC Services and Resources

Information on:

  • RTI Pre-Selection Process (managed by SPARC) and/or
  • General Program/Informational Support

Contact: David Woods (604-822-8789)

SPARC Contacts

David Woods, NSE Research Partnership Development Manager
Email: david.woods@ubc.ca; Phone: 604-822-8789

Tim Salcudean, Sciences & Engineering Research Advisor for VP Research Office
Email: tims@ece.ubc.ca; Phone: 604-822-3243