The Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) Program supports the training of teams of highly qualified students and postdoctoral fellows from Canada and abroad through the development of innovative training programs.

These training programs should: 1) encourage collaborative and integrative approaches, and address significant scientific challenges associated with Canada’s research priorities; and 2) facilitate the transition of new researchers from trainees to productive employees in the Canadian workforce.  

Please note: There is a limit on participation in multiple active CREATE initiatives, whereby an individual researcher may participate in a maximum of two CREATE initiatives as either an applicant or co-applicant. Additionally, researchers may be the applicant on one CREATE initiative annually.

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Internal Competition

UBC is permitted to submit six (6) proposals to the NSERC CREATE LOI competition. Proposal selection will occur through an Internal Selection peer-review process.

Internal Selection and Evaluation Guidelines

  • UBC’s Internal Selection deadline Friday, February 15, 2019, 4PM.
  • Submissions can be directed to Alex Unterberger.
  • Notice of selection and feedback from the Internal Selection Committee is due back to applicants by early April, 2019.
  • Documents required for UBC internal selection reflect the LOI requirements for NSERC: 
  1. UBC CREATE LOI Internal Selection Cover Page (Note: This cover page is required because CREATE LOI – Form 187 is not available from NSERC until late March. For final CREATE LOI submissions to NSERC the cover page should be replaced by CREATE LOI – Form 187)
  2. Personal Data – Form 100 (for the applicant only) 
  3. Outline of Training Program (2 pages max.) (See Form 187 Instructions)
  4. Excellence of Proposed Team of Researchers (2 pages max.) (See Form 187 Instructions)
  5. Industry Letter, if applying under Industrial Stream. 
  6. A max. of one (1) additional page should be included in either of the following instances, to describe how this application differs from those already funded: 
    • when an applicant or co-applicant has previously held a CREATE grant ***or is a member of an active CREATE team; and/or
    • when researchers are applying in an area already supported by other active CREATE grants (a complete list of funded CREATE initiatives can be found on the NSERC website).

General Presentation for NSERC attachments must be followed: Times New Roman 12 pts, 3/4  of an inch margins (min), single space. 

Internal LOI Selection and Evaluation Guidelines can be found on the NSERC Resources webpage (scroll down and open "NSERC CREATE Program --> Internal Guidelines"; updated Feb 16, 2017).

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Alex Unterberger.

NSERC CREATE Program Quick Facts
  • Focus must be on training graduate students
  • Funding: up to $150,000 for first year; up to $300,000 per subsequent year, up to $1,650,000 in total.
  • 80% of funds must go to trainee stipends; 20% can go to administration
  • Duration: six years
  • UBC quota of six Letters of Intent will be selected via internal competition
  • NSERC Deadlines: May 1 for LOI; September 22 for full application (by invitation)
  • Evaluation criteria for LOI
    • Merit of the proposed training program (60%)
    • Excellence of the team of researchers (40%)
  • Evaluation criteria for full application
    • Merit of the proposed training program (50%)
    • Excellence of the team of researchers (25%)
    • Program management and long-term sustainability (25%)


SPARC Contacts

Alexander Unterberger, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Development Officer, SPARC

Mika Johnson, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Development Officer, SPARC

Tim Salcudean, Sciences and Engineering Research Advisor, UBC