SSHRC Partnership Grants

SSHRC Partnership Grants (PG) provide support to new or existing partnerships for initiatives that advance research, research training, and/or knowledge mobilization in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

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SSHRC PG Quick Facts


Stage 1: Letter of Intent (LOI), application deadline: Feb 15th 2018

Stage 2: Full Application, by invitation, application deadline: Nov 1st 2017

  • Full application funding: up to $500,000 per year, up to $2.5 Million in total
  • Duration: 4-7 years
  • 35% matching funds required (cash and/or in-kind)
  • Letters of support needed from partners (draft letter templates available from SPARC)
  • Letter of support needed from UBC-VPRI (brokered through SPARC)


SPARC Support Services for PG LOI and Full Application Stages


Program Outreach
  • Individual or group meetings: discussion of project, competition overview, workplan, timelines, other information sources
  • Workshops and information sessions
  • Test-Your-Concept (highly recommended for Partnership Grants)
  • SPARC Internal Resources (ex: Sample Grants Library)
  • SPARC Contact:  Dawn Whitworth
Project/ Proposal Development

Introduction & Planning Meetings:

  • Partnership and research strategies
  • Project framework and governance structures
  • Team, partnership and network building and brainstorming sessions
  • Budget and in-kind/cash contributions
  • Meetings with students/program managers for training on proposal preparation

Hampton Co-funding Program for SSHRC Partnership Grants

The Hampton Co-funding Program supports Letter of Intent (LOI) award recipients in the preparation of their full PG application. For more information, please click here

Proposal Review
  • SPARC Review : Initial, in-depth written review of drafts of proposals or modules , follow-up meetings and communications
  • SPARC Internal Peer Review: by previous successful UBC SSHRC PG applicants
  • SPARC Final Review: final reviews, editing and polishing of full drafts and modules before final submission
  • Letters of Support from VPRI: brokered through SPARC

Note: reviews are offered in partnership with Faculty-/Institute-based grant facilitators

Final Submission

For submission please consult UBC Office of Research Services to confirm requirements ORS Calendar of Deadlines and don’t forget your Research Project Information Form (to submit before SSHRC application)

SSHRC PG Program Statistics


SPARC Contacts

Dawn Whitworth: Associate Director

Alan Kingstone: SSH Research Advisor