CIHR Strategic Grants

CIHR Strategic Grants identify a specific topic or health challenge for researchers to address.

  • Strategic grants are sometimes launched quickly in response to a national or international crisis, and other grants are planned years in advance through large multi-year initiatives.
  • Each month, multiple Strategic grants are launched through ResearchNet and award amounts range from a few thousand to millions of dollars.
Funding opportunities
  • What Strategic grants are currently open for applications? Pre-announcements and currently available funding opportunities (tagged with additional helpful information) are available as a CWL-protected resource.
CIHR Resources
  • ResearchNet, which lists all Strategic grant opportunities
  • Interpretation guidelines for the evaluation criteria in the peer review guideline (above); only applicable for operating, catalyst, team, and emerging team grant applications
SPARC Support Services and Resources

Contact: Tessa Cheng (604-822-1865)

Program Outreach

Kick off your Strategic grant development, writing, and/or revising process with the following SPARC supports:

Strategic grant workshops
  • TBA
Online Resources for Strategic Grants (cwl required)
  • Tips and tricks for biomedical researchers developing a knowledge translation plan
  • Tips and tricks for navigating CIHR's sex and gender expectations
  • More to come!
Individual & Unit Consultation
  • Contact Tessa Cheng to strategize or discuss your grant
Proposal Review

SPARC offers editorial assistance to strengthen the final draft of an application in order to improve the readability, flow and layout of the research proposal:

  • Full review: SPARC provides editorial review of the full proposal
  • Module review: SPARC review of an application section (e.g., budget justification) or sub-section of the proposal (e.g., knowledge translation plan)

We are currently developing a model for offering regular internal review sessions to provide scientific feedback on proposals. Please contact Tessa Cheng if you have any ideas or input on what this could look like!