SPARC Project Grant Support Services

SPARC services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis (i.e., we review grants in the order received) and depend on capacity. We encourage researchers, especially new faculty, to get in touch early to optimize the benefit of our services. 

Faculty with access to multiple strategic grant development service providers, such as Faculty-based Grant Facilitators and the BCCHR's Research & Technology Development Office, should work with their preferred provider so that we can collectively support as many UBC researchers as possible.

SPARC Project Grant Contact: Christy McTait

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Consultations (upon request)
  • 1:1 Project Grant consultations cover a range of topics, including a overview of the funding program and how to organize your proposal to align with best practices.
  • Recommended for Early Career Researchers, new-to-Project faculty and Foundation Grant holders.
  • Contact: Christy McTait
Peer Review Committee Selection (Spring 2022: contact us from Jan. 24 to Feb. 8, TBC)
  • Guidance on Peer Review Committee selection and justification of up to two committees. Note that this is a requirement at the Registration stage. SPARC seeks to help applicants avoid possible mismatches between review committees and applications.
  • Recommended for new-to-Project faculty, including Early Career Researchers, and those submitting new applications.
  • Contact: Sharon Marsh
Response to Previous Reviews (Spring 2022: submit documents from Jan. 24 to Feb. 10, TBC)
  • Review of your CIHR Notice of Decision and preparation of a tailored document to respond to the reviewer comments.
  • Contact: Sharon Marsh - please send the entire Notice of Decision package (PDF format) including score, ranking, reviewer comments, and Scientific Officer notes. 
Research Proposal Review (Spring 2022: submit documents from Feb. 10 to Mar. 3, TBC)
  • Feedback on 10-page Research Proposal and 2-page Summary of Progress. SPARC provides detailed editorial feedback focusing on logic, coherence, and compelling statements of impact, ultimately ensuring that all criteria are fully addressed.
  • Contact: Christy McTait – please send your documents in one email in MS Word format
Online Resources and Sample Grants (accessible anytime)
  • CWL-protected resources, including guidelines and sample grants.
  • Access SPARC's Project Grant resources by logging in with your CWL; resources will be updated for the Spring 2022 program if required ASAP
  • Access SPARC's Sample Grant Library by logging in with your CWL; new sample grants will be added after the Fall 2021 Notice of Decision
  • Contact: Christy McTait