NSERC Strategic Partnership Grants for Projects

The Strategic Partnership Grants for Projects (SPG) program aims to increase research and training in specific targeted areas that will strongly enhance Canada’s economy, society and environment with the next 10 years.

Strategic Partnership Grants require a partnership between researchers and eligible industrial, government and/or community organizations. At a minimum, these supporting organizations are required to provide in-kind contributions (cash is not compulsory) and be a fully engaged partner in the research project.

SPGs are intended to fund small to large research projects that will help solve real-world problems, enhance training and build lasting partnerships with supporting organizations.

SPARC is providing comprehensive support for the Letter of Intent (LOI) and Full Application stages of the competition. Applicants interested in a Full Review of the LOI and the partner Letter of Support, please contact Joanne Moszynski by January 9, 2018. Information for next year's competition will be provided in late 2018.

For LOI applicants invited to submit a full SPG-P application, SPARC will provide Full Reviews of applications. Information for next year's competition will be provided in late 2018.

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NSERC SPGs Quick Facts
  • “Average” SPG grant: $180,000 for 3 years (2016)
  • Letter of Intent (LOI) Deadline (mandatory): February 1st
  • Successful LOI Applicants invited to submit full application: April 1st
  • Deadline to submit full SPG application: June 7th
  • SPG competition results announced: September 15th
  • Research teams typically consist of 3-4 members, often multidisciplinary
  • Project should have clear objectives and scope, and span from 1-3 years
  • One or more eligible supporting organizations is/are required, and should at least provide in-kind contributions, be strongly involved in the research and capable of applying the results
  • Four Target Areas: Advanced Manufacturing, Environment and Agriculture, Information and Communications Technologies, Natural Resources and Energy (with 4-6 research topics)

SPARC Services and Resources

Previous NSERC SPG Workshop slides and audio/video are available as CWL-protected resources.

Information on and Requests for:

  • Full SPARC review
  • Proposal development & advice

Contact: Joanne Moszynski (604-827-4057)

SPARC Contacts

Joanne Moszynski, NSE Research Development Officer
Email: joanne.moszynski@ubc.ca; Phone: 604-827-4057

Tim Salcudean, Sciences & Engineering Research Advisor for VP Research & Innovation Office
Email: tims@ece.ubc.ca; Phone: 604-822-3243