NSERC Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks

*Please note that as part of the Partnerships program renewal, NSERC has confirmed that the SPG-P and SPG-N programs will no longer be going forward, and the 2019 competition will not occur. Please see the annoucement here, and the latest draft of the proposed partnerships program changes here.

SPARC will offer support for the new programs as they are announced, and will communicate our processes as soon as possible.


The Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks (SNG) program funds large-scale, multidisciplinary research projects that require a network approach and that involve collaboration between academic researchers and Canadian-based organizations.

The primary applicant for Strategic Network Grants should be a very well-established researcher with an impeccable track record and established reputation in collaborative research, HQP training and management and who has all the required skills needed to lead a complex, large and multi-institutional research project.

NSERC SNGs fund the establishment of national, multi-institutional networks focussed on a specific research area with the active participation of Canadian-based partners from relevant sectors (industry, government, etc.).

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NSERC SNGs Quick Facts
  • SNG grants provide funding over 5 years (renewable)
  • Funding requests range from $500,000-$1.125M per year for 5 years, up to total of $5.5M
  • Preliminary application deadline (annual): April 1st
  • Full application (if invited by NSERC) deadline: within 6 months of NSERC’s notification of acceptance of the preliminary application (typically ~1 year after the prelim. app. deadline).
  • If invited to submit a Full Application, we request that the applicant directly contact SPARC to arrange the mandatory University President Letter, and to discuss other possible support

SPARC Services and Resources

Information on and Requests for:

  • One-on-One Strategic Consultations
  • Detailed Review (full SPARC review)
  • Internal Review (peer review of proposal)

Contact: Joanne Moszynski (604-827-4057)

SPARC Contacts

Joanne Moszynski, NSE Research Development Officer
Email: joanne.moszynski@ubc.ca; Phone: 604-827-4057

Tim Salcudean, Sciences & Engineering Research Advisor for VP Research Office
Email: tims@ece.ubc.ca; Phone: 604-822-3243