NSERC Idea to Innovation Grants

The Idea to Innovation (I2I) program supports university-originated technologies that have high transfer potential to a Canadian company. 

This opportunity provides funding through 4 well-defined phases to support research and development in the early stages of technology validation and market connection. The 4 phases are defined by the technology’s maturity and partner (investor or industry) involvement.  

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NSERC I2I Quick Facts


I2I Phase Description Funding Duration*
Market Assessment NSERC shares the cost of an independent and professional market study with the university. $15K 1yr
Phase I  NSERC fully covers the direct cost of research, to advance the technology sufficiently to attract early/stage investment and/or build valuable intellectual property. $125K 1yr

Phase IIa 

NSERC shares the direct costs of research with an early-stage investment entity (Phase IIa) or an industry partner (Phase IIb), to establish the technical feasibility and market definition of the technology. $125K/yr 6-18m
Phase IIb  $350K 2yr

Phase I + Phase 2 = limited to 3 years maximum funding.

Deadlines for 2019: January 7, April 1, June 25, September 23. ​

NSERC I2I Instructions


Information on and requests for:

  • One-On-One Strategic Consultations
  • Detailed Application Review

SPARC Contacts

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