NSERC Collaborative Research and Development Grants

The Collaborative Research and Development Grant (CRD) program supports well-defined collaborative research projects between researchers and their private or public sector partners.

This opportunity aims at creating mutually beneficial collaborations between academic researchers and their private or public sector partners that will result in benefits to Canada. The overarching goals are to increase translation of discovery-based, innovative research, while providing partners access to academic knowledge, expertise, infrastructure, and trainees who will benefit from experiential learning opportunities. Partners are required to provide cash contributions and be fully engaged throughout the project.

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NSERC CRD Quick Facts
  • Average CRD grant: $75K-$80K/year from NSERC, over 3 years
  • Usual funding requests: $10K to $500K/year from NSERC
  • Matching: 2:1 leverage of partner cash
  • Timelines: Apply any time; turnaround time is 3-5 months
  • Duration: 1 to 5 years (usually 2-3 years)


Information on and requests for:

  • One-On-One Strategic Consultations
  • Detailed Application Review

Contact: Raquel De Souza (604-822-0182)

SPARC Contacts

Raquel De Souza, NSE Research Development Officer
Email: raquel.desouza@ubc.ca; Phone: 604-822-0182

Tim Salcudean, Sciences & Engineering Research Advisor for VP Research Office
Email: tims@ece.ubc.ca; Phone: 604-822-3243