CIHR Foundation Grant

The Foundation Grant is designed to contribute to a sustainable foundation of health research leaders by providing long-term support for the pursuit of innovative and high-impact programs of research across CIHR’s mandate.

  • Programs of research are expected to include integrated, thematically-linked research, knowledge translation, and mentoring/training components.
  • Eligible applicants include established researchers, including mid-career and senior researchers, with demonstrable track records of excellence and impact in their fields of study.

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Quick Facts
  • Eligibility:
    • Established investigators (i.e., researchers who are beyond 5 years from their first independent faculty appointment)
  • Funding Term:
    • 7 years
  • Application Stages & Deadlines (via CIHR's ResearchNet portal):
    • Registration: August 15, 2018;
    • Stage 1: September 19, 2018;
    • Stage 2: February 6, 2019.
  • CV Requirements (via Canadian Common CV portal):
    • Registration: Foundation Registration CV;
    • Stages 1 and 2: Foundation CV.
  • Budget Requirements:
    • Registration: high-level budget estimate;
    • Stage 1: none;
    • Stage 2: full budget module, including 3,500-character justification.
  • Peer Review Stages:
    • Stage 1: online reviews by 4-5 reviewers;
    • Stage 2: online reviews by 4-5 different reviewers;
    • Final Assessment Stage: face-to-face discussion of "grey zone" applicants by interdisciplinary committee.

CIHR Resources

SPARC Services & Resources

Contact: Christy McTait (604-827-5615)

SPARC provides a comprehensive suite of Foundation Grant support services and resources for researchers and research staff as outlined below.

Program Outreach

To find out if the Foundation Grant is the right competition for you, please consult the following SPARC resources and refer to the CIHR Foundation Grant Program homepage for full competition details. 

Recommended Timeline:

  • April/May/June 2018

Newsletter & 2018 Foundation Email List

  • Subscribe to SPARC Connects, our monthly newsletter, to follow the latest Foundation Grant developments at CIHR and SPARC.
  • Contact Christy McTait to be added to SPARC's 2018 Foundation email list to receive timely updates and competition support.
Individual & Unit Consultation
  • If you’re trying to determine whether the Foundation Grant is right for you, contact Christy McTait to schedule a consultation.

Project & Proposal Development

To kick-start the grant development and writing (or revision) process, please consult the SPARC resources described below.

Recommended Timeline:

  • Stage 1: June/July 2018
  • Stage 2: December 2018/January 2019
Strategic Grant Workshops
  • Stage 1: n/a; 1:1 consultations are available in lieu and the Cheat Sheet resources highlighted below follow a "workshop-style" process
  • Stage 2: n/a; 1:1 consultations are available in lieu

A UBC CWL is required to access some of the following SPARC resources (e.g., sample grants) while others are shared directly with applicants and affiliated research staff via emails from Christy McTait (e.g., application templates).

  • Guidelines, Tips & Templates: Utilize the following resources to develop your most competitive research proposal. Note: These items are currently distributed via email. Please contact Christy McTait to request copies.
    • Stage 1: Cheat Sheet for New Applicants; Cheat Sheet for Reapplicants; CIHR Information and SPARC Recommendations (e.g., sentence prompts, content development tips, layout suggestions); Additional Tips for Applicant Groups (mid-career, biomedical, clinical, female applicants, etc.)

    • Stage 2: Application Template

  • Sample Grant Library: Access successful grant applications that have been generously shared by UBC researchers using your UBC CWL.
One-on-One Consultation
  • Contact Christy McTait to schedule a Foundation Grant development consultation session, for example to discuss a brand-new application or strategize a resubmission.

Proposal Review

A well-developed draft is required to access the services described below. 

Recommended Timeline:

  • Stage 1: July/August 2018
  • Stage 2: January 2019
Internal Review (scientific peer feedback)
  • Stage 1: n/a
  • Stage 2: 1:1 virtual review with feedback on the Research Concept, Research Approach and Expertise sections from a UBC Foundation Grant holder.
SPARC Review (editorial feedback)
  • Stage 1: SPARC provides written feedback (e.g., suggestions to address content gaps, clarify meaning, improve readability and enhance impact) on the full application in order to strengthen the final submission.
    • Note: If you are working with your own Faculty-/Institute-based grant facilitator or research office and receiving similar support (e.g., BCCHR), please make your own arrangements directly with them. This way, SPARC can maximize UBC researcher access to grant support by providing it to those who do not have local access.
  • Stage 2: SPARC will aim to provide written feedback, at minimum, on the five scored sections of the application (Research Concept, Research Approach, Expertise, Mentorship & Training, Quality of Support Environment) or, ideally, the full application including Budget Justification, depending on the number of UBC applicants invited to Stage 2.
Final Submission

If you are getting ready to submit your application, please consult the following UBC and CIHR resources to confirm your requirements:

Recommended Timeline:

  • Stage 1: prior to CIHR's September 19, 2018 deadline
  • Stage 2: prior to CIHR's February 6, 2019 deadline

National & UBC Stats

CIHR introduced the Foundation Grant in 2014. The data below comes from CIHR's Foundation Grant Funding Decisions Notifications.

  2017 2016 2015 2014
Total Submitted - National 303 600 910 1366
UBC 41 81 87 125
Total Funded - National 36 76 120 150
UBC 5 9 17 23
Success Rate - National 12% 13% 13% 11%
UBC 12% 11% 20% 18%
Total Funding - National $101.2M $199.7M $323.2M $408.9M
UBC $16.9M $23.4 $34.8M $52.2M