CIHR and SPARC Project Grant Updates

Last updated: September 16, 2021

CIHR Updates

The Fall 2021 Project Grant competition is now closed.

SPARC Updates

If you did not submit a Spring 2021 or a Fall 2021 Project Grant, please familiarize yourself with the changes implemented for these two competitions by reviewing SPARC's summary below, based on CIHR's Spring 2021 program changes, AMA & Project Grant FAQ and Fall 2021 general update.

  • Project Grant program now supports “projects AND programs of research”.
  • Summary of Progress – New, mandatory 2-page attachment (4 subsections: Progress/Productivity; COVID-19 impact; FDN-ECR; Grant Funding History)
  • Applicant Profile CV – Optional, 3 page ‘free-form CV’ for International, KUs and Indigenous applicants (ONLY)
  • Removal of weighted scores – Preliminary scores to be determined at the discretion of the (assigned) reviewers
  • Sex and Gender Based Analysis (SGBA) – SGBA assessment to be factored into the overall score of the application
  • Budget Justification text - Increase in the maximum allowable character count per each applicable budget category, to 3,500 characters (including spaces) from 1,750 characters
  • Early Career Researchers (ECRs) – An additional extension / opting out of the 'pause the clock' policy
  • Entry of Foundation grant-holders – 131 'Established' and 69 ECR Foundation grantees now eligible to apply
  • Decision process for Spring Project grant competition – Description of the NOD process now available
  • Indigenous health research – Applicants affiliated with Indigenous NGOs (with a Research or KT mandate) can apply as NPA
  • Large grants – Funding envelope is equal to 5% of the total PJT budget
  • Ensuring equitable access to research funds – Equalization policy for ECRs, Women (identified via the CCV) and French applications
  • Anticipated budget has increased to $325M ($275M + $50M from the Foundation Grant program)
  • Temporary continuation of the virtual peer review process
  • Postponement of the removal of the across-the-board cut