UBC-Exeter Fund

The Global Partnerships unit at the University of Exeter has established funds to support partnership development. UBC is one of the institutions that Exeter has prioritized in the allocation of this funding. Exeter staff have been encouraged to develop research or education initiatives with the people they collaborate with at UBC. Financial support from Exeter is contingent on UBC collaborators agreeing to evenly share any financial costs, so the UBC faculty member will need to secure equal matching funds on their own (Exeter will fund 50%).

This opportunity is managed by the University of Exeter. UBC faculty are encouraged to connect with any collaborators they may have at the University of Exeter to discuss this opportunity. The application process requires that the Exeter faculty member submit this form by July 13th to Stuart Westhead (Assistant Head, Global Partnerships, U of Exeter). Applicants are asked to outline aims, planned activities, success criteria, long-term objectives, estimated cost breakdown, and details of UBC staff involvement. The collaborators must spend any money awarded before the end of the 2018/19 financial year, which is end of July/start of August 2019 in Exeter’s finance department.

For further questions, please contact Stuart directly at: S.Westhead@exeter.ac.uk.

Application Deadline: July 13th

Posted: Jun 25, 2018