SSHRC PG Stage 1 2023 - Letter of Support Requirements & SPARC Review

Event or Deadline Date: February 1, 2023 - 12:00pm

Interested applicants are asked to email by Friday, January 6th to receive a copy of the institutional support letter template and instructions for confirming internal contributions. This support letter is a mandatory element of the Stage 1 proposal and applicants must work with SPARC to secure a signature.

Applicants are also invited to take part in non-mandatory SPARC review of proposal elements under the following timeline:

By or before Monday, January 30th at 12pm, submit:

  • Summary of Proposal (1 page)
  • Budget Justification (for stage 1 funds only; 1 page)
  • Contributions Plan (1 page)
  • Previous SSHRC funding (if applicable; 1 page)

By or before Wednesday, February 1st at 12pm, submit:

  • Goal and Project Description (8 pages)
  • Description of Team (3 pages)
  • List of potential partner organizations and other contributors (1 page)
  • Research Contributions and Relevant Experience (5 pages)