SPARC-Applied Science 'Impact' Grant Writing Bootcamp

Event Date: Thursday, August 24, 2017

In collaboration with the Faculty of Applied Science, SPARC is pleased to once again host the ‘Impact’ Grant Writing Bootcamp in support of the 2017-2018 NSERC Discovery Grant competition. This full-day workshop, held on August 24, aims to provide researchers with tools and strategies on how to write compelling, impactful proposals. 

Participants will need to register and submit a one-page 'Impact' document containing their DG summary, objectives and impact statement, as well as an example of one significant contribution, to the SPARC office via email by 5 pm Thursday August 17. During the workshop, participants will hear from successful Researchers and grant development professionals, and have time to discuss and revise their documents individually, with their peers and SPARC staff. At the end of the day, participants will leave with a fully-developed outline of their grant which will guide the development of the full proposal.

The Bootcamp is open to all APSC facultywhether applying for this year’s DG or not. All participants are requested to prepare the one-page ‘Impact’ document in order to fully participate in the workshop – feel free to use past applications or potentially future ones – the strategies and advice presented at the Bootcamp will be widely applicable. 

Last year, 100% of participants found this workshop 'very useful' and would incorporate their peers' feedback 'fully or extensively' into their DG. In addition, DG applicants who took part in at least 1 SPARC support service had a 19% higher success rate than those that did not.

SPARC/APSC Contact: Joanne Moszynski

Important dates


How/where Deadline
 Registration deadline Website 5 pm Aug 17
 Participants send one page 'impact' document to Joanne Moszynski  at SPARC Email 5 pm Aug 17

 SPARC collates impact documents & sends out to group members  (four participants/group)

Email 5 pm Aug 18
 Bootcamp event

In person

KAIS 2020/2030

August 24

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

 *please note: while a formal review of the document is not necessary, participants should become familiar  with their group's documents and be prepared to comment on/discuss them at the Bootcamp


'Impact' Document Details

Please use the following guidelines from NSERC's DG webpageinstructions and peer-review manual to assist in preparing your document. The APSC DG 'playbook' (available on the APSC intranet) can also be a useful reference. Consider how you would summarize your overall research program ‘vision’ and plan. What are the questions your research is addressing, how will you answer these questions, and how will these answers impact the NSE community and society in general.  These documents will not be formally reviewed; the goal of the day is to foster a productive, collegial atmosphere of researchers helping researchers, so don’t worry if your proposal is still in its early stages.

 Heading 1: Summary

  • Summarize your overall research program and vision. Describe your recent progress in research activities related to the proposal and, if applicable, the progress attributable to your previous Discovery Grant. 

 Heading 2: Objectives

  • Define the short- and long-term objectives of your research program and how they are related. A research program should have a long-term vision that expands beyond the five years of the Discovery Grant. A single, short-term project or collection of projects does not constitute a research program.
  • Ensure your goals are specific, well-focused and realistic, and have sufficient breadth and scope over the course of the program.

   Heading 3: Impact

  • Explain the anticipated significance of the work and its expected contributions to research.  
  • Define the likely impact of the research, including the potential to advance knowledge in the field and influence the direction of thought and activity;  the potential for innovation in the discipline(s) or achievement of results with importance to a broad range of applications;  the suitability of results for dissemination and critical appraisal for use in the research community and/or by stakeholders; and the significance of developed applications to end users.

   Heading 4: Significant Contribution 

  • Prepare an example of one significant contribution from the past 6 years. Describe its significance in terms of influence on the direction of thought and activity in the target community; and significance to, and use by, other researchers and end users. 


The Impact document will be shared with your peer group and SPARC staff and discussed/revised at the workshop. You will receive your group’s documents to become familiar with them before the Bootcamp (see Important Dates). Please bring them as well as your own to the Bootcamp.

Further details including the day's agenda will be emailed to you before the event.

Thank you for participating!

***REGISTRATION*** Event: August 24, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Location: Kaiser Building Rm 2020/2030

Applicant details:

Proposal Details

The Bootcamp is open to all APSC Faculty, whether applying for this year's DG or not. If you are not applying this year, you can use past or potentially future proposals to prepare your 'Impact' Document (~one page containing summary, objectives and impact statement)

Posted: Jul 19, 2016