SPARC 2017-2018 NSERC Discovery Grant support: Peer to Peer Review

Event Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2016

As part of our 2017-2018 Discovery Grant (DG) support program, SPARC is pleased to announce Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Review.

This event provides researchers applying for a DG with a verbal and written review of their proposal from a small group of their peers.  Each applicant will review three of their peers’ proposals, and will receive 3 sets of written reviews in turn.  All applicants will then have the opportunity to engage in a face-to-face discussion of their proposal at the P2P Review meeting, held in mid-September.

Last year, this event garnered extremely positive feedback from participants, with 100% rating the event as useful, and stating that they would incorporate all or most of their reviewers' feedback into their proposal. In addition, applicants who participated in at least 1 SPARC DG support service had a 19% higher success rate than those that did not.

This year, in collaboration with UBC-Okanagan Office of Research services, SPARC is offering two options for UBC-V and UBC-O participants.

OPTION 1: In-person sessions at UBC-Vancouver

This option requires an in-person meeting on UBC-V campus. Please choose one of the following sessions (1-3), depending on your research focus area & DG Evaluation Group.


Tues Sept 19

Wed Sept 20

Thurs Sept 21

Focus Area

Session 1: Biological Sciences Focus

Evaluation Groups 1501 - 1503

Session 2: Physical Sciences Focus

Evaluation Groups 1504 - 1508

Session 3: Applied Sciences/Engineering Focus

Evaluation Groups 1509 - 1512


9:00 am - 12:00 pm

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

9:00 am - 12:00 pm


MCLD 418

CEME 2202

MCLD 418







Applicants will need to register by September 5 to be included in the program, and will also be required to submit their draft proposal to the SPARC office via email by September 11. See Important dates below.

**REGISTER for Sessions 1-3 HERE**

OPTION 2: Collaborative Virtual Sessions (CVS) between UBC-V and UBC-O

This option allows for greater interaction between researchers at both campuses, and for greater flexibility for those unable to take part in the in-person sessions.  SPARC/UBCO ORS staff will connect interested participants, collate and distribute proposals for review and help arrange for mutually agreeable times for participants to meet 'virtually' via skype/videoconference. We recommend CVS participants follow in the in-person timelines as closely as possible (i.e. hold the event mid to late September, allow one week for proposal review; see important dates), but we will work with you to accommodate your needs.

**REGISTER for Session 4 HERE**

If you need assistance preparing your proposal, please consult the NSERC DG program page and application instructions, as well as the Peer Review Manual (2017-2018 version to be available soon). In addition, the SPARC DG webpage has many resources available including past successful proposals, presentations, etc. Further information, including a suggested feedback form, will be sent to registrants.

Thank you for participating!

SPARC Contact: Joanne Moszynski

UBCO ORS Contact: Richard Federley

Important dates*




Action by?

Register for event Website Sept 5 Participants
Send in proposals for review Email to Joanne Moszynski 9 am Sept 11 Participants
Collate reviews and send to groups Email to participants 9 am Sept 12 SPARC
Send feedback (reviews) to your group members Email to group members By 4:30 pm the day before your session Participants
Attend P2P Review meeting

In-person (S1-S3)



Virtually via skype/videoconference (CVS; S4)

S1: Sept 19; 9 am- 12pm

S2: Sept 20; 9 am – 12 pm

S3: Sept 21; 9 am – 12 pm

S4: as scheduled

Participants & SPARC/UBCO ORS staff

*These dates are mandatory for Sessions 1-3, and recommended for Session 4. We will however work with S4 registrants to arrange scheduling as needed


Posted: Jul 18, 2016