Participate in SPARC's CIHR Project Grant Internal Review Program

Event or Deadline Date: July 27, 2021 - 5:00pm

-- The deadline to submit a draft proposal for review is Tuesday, July 27 --

SPARC Internal (Scientific) Review aims to strengthen and accelerate the development of new and/or revised grant proposals by inviting peer feedback on the project concept and study design elements. Applicants seeking input on a proposal’s value proposition, including feasibility and originality for the proposed research study are encouraged to register.

To participate, applicants must complete the registration form below and submit a 10-page draft Research Proposal including the 1-page Research Summary one week prior to the scheduled meeting date (i.e. Tuesday, July 27th). 

Proposal Feedback & Internal Review Process

In partnership with UBC’s Postdoctoral Fellows Office (PDFO), SPARC has successfully piloted a training program to integrate emerging scholars into the Internal Review process in order to strengthen the competitiveness UBC grant proposals while enriching the PDF training experience. In all, each proposal will receive 2 sets of structured written feedback and discussion notes from a mock committee meeting. Faculty participants also have the opportunity to discuss any points of concern with the feedback in an online group meeting (20 minutes per proposal).

Detailed Training Program Description


To complete the registration, the following materials must be forward to: one week prior to the review meeting (i.e. Tuesday, July 27th)

Research Proposal (.doc or .pdf)
      •  Research Summary (1 page)
      •  Proposal (10 pages includes figures)
      •  References (No page limit)

Please select your primary Theme and Institute(s)

If applicable, please select the appropriate Peer Review Committee as listed on CIHR's Project Grant - Peer Review Committee Mandates webpage.

Does the proposal include an integrated knowledge translation or commercialization component (e.g. partner/ knowledge user), Indigenous health, or a randomized controlled trial?