CIHR Workshop: Sex and Gender Considerations

Should your study include sex and gender considerations?

All applicants to CIHR are expected to integrate sex and gender considerations into their research design, where appropriate, to maximize the relevance and applicability of health research findings to both men and women.

As part of the grant application process, CIHR requires applicants to indicate and elaborate on whether sex and/or gender will be factored into research design, analyses, and reporting of research results. Applications that do not adequately account for sex and gender considerations may be penalized by peer reviewers.

Workshop and 1:1 Consultation Sessions

SPARC is coordinating two workshops facilitated by Dr. Tamara Bodnar, SPARC’s sex and gender specialist, including a series of 1:1 consultation sessions for CIHR Project Grant applicants to familiarize themselves with CIHR’s Peer Reviewer guidelines and to discuss sex and gender considerations relevant to the study design.

The workshops will be held at the UBC Point Grey campus on Thursday, January 17th (11am-12pm) and at the Diamond Health Care Centre (Vancouver General Hospital) on Wednesday, January 30th (8am-9am).

The 1-hour interactive workshop will detail CIHR's sex and gender directives to peer reviewers (.pdf) and will include an open Q&A to discuss study design considerations and/or peer reviewer feedback. Participants are also strongly encouraged to schedule a 30-minute, 1:1 meeting with Dr. Bodnar to further discuss their specific study design and/or peer review feedback. Please register your intent to participate to one of the sessions below.


Discussion topics

Understanding sex and gender dimensions • considerations for sex as a biological variable (SABV) • acceptable cases/justification for single-sex studies • considerations for sex and gender in primary data collection • sex and gender equity in research (SAGER) guidelines • sex- and gender-based analysis (SGBA) • reporting sex and gender in research • integrating sex and gender into knowledge translation plans

If you wish to receive feedback, please enter the description/ justification for ‘sex and gender considerations’ of your grant proposal as per the textbox requirement in ResearchNet under the 'Proposal Information' task (limit of 2,000 characters).


Posted: Jan 24, 2019