CIHR Project: SPARC Review

SPARC (Editorial) Review is performed by experienced grant writers to increase the competitiveness of UBC submissions by providing expert feedback on the readability and reviewability of the proposal. SPARC offers two services, Registration Review and Full Review:

  • Registration Review: suggested edits on the Research Summary to optimize the character/ space allocation, increase clarity and avoid possible committee/ reviewer mismatches.
  • Full Review: targeted feedback on the Research Proposal to ensure that the adjudication criteria are clearly addressed, the layout and formatting adheres to best-practice, and that impact statements are strong and compelling.

SPARC is pleased to offer this service to all applicants who intend to submit an application to the Project Grant competition. SPARC Reviews will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis* until time and/ or capacity runs out. Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a proposal as soon as possible since SPARC may not be able to guarantee feedback if the majority of applications are received in the later stages of the review period. The average turnaround time for feedback is 2-3 days, depending on the application queue.

Please notify via email to register your intent to participate.


Registration Review

Summaries will be reviewed two weeks prior to the Registration Deadline

January 22 - February 2


Please forward the following materials for review when ready:

Review Materials (.doc)
      •  Research Summary* (1 page)
      •  Suggested Peer Review Committee (Primary/ Secondary)
      •  Optional: Peer Review Committee Justification (750 characters)


*SPARC may be able to review up to two Research Summary documents per applicant; please submit your review materials as early as possible. SPARC will not accept updated documents once submitted.


Full Review

Proposals will be accepted for review three weeks prior to the Application Deadline

February 12 - March 2


Please forward the following materials for review when ready:

Review Materials (.doc)
      •  Research Summary (1 page)
      •  Proposal* (10 pages includes figures)
      •  References (no limit)
      •  Optional: Response to Previous Reviews (1-2 pages)
      •  Optional: Most Significant Contributions (1 page)
      •  Optional: Sex and Gender Considerations (2,000 characters)

*To allow us to plan and prioritize our workload, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit New Proposals to SPARC as early as possible to allow sufficient time for review and to incorporate feedback. SPARC will not accept any updated versions of the proposal post-submission and applications which grossly exceed CIHR’s page limits will not be accepted for review.

To ensure capacity and to maximize SPARC's resources, we encourage researchers who have access to strategic grant development services such as those offered by the Research & Technology Development Office (RTDO) at the BCCHR to utilize these existing support services.


Posted: Feb 09, 2018