CIHR Project: SPARC Internal Review

SPARC Internal Peer Review (IR) aims to increase the competitiveness of UBC submissions to CIHR by providing rigorous scientific peer review and targeted feedback to applicants. To provide flexibility and to accommodate a large intake of proposals for the 2017 Spring Project Grant competition, SPARC will offer multiple peer review meeting dates in early-May.

To participate, Principal Applicants (i.e. faculty members) will need to complete an online registration form and select their preferred meeting date. A near-complete draft proposal (i.e. ~10 page Research Proposal including Figures/ Tables) must then be submitted to Stephane Dragon via email one week prior to the meeting date. Participants will also need to submit written feedback for the proposals of the other members of the small discussion group one day prior to the meeting.

Internal Review Panels: Following a structured 'applicant feedback' worksheet, members of a small discussion group (3-4) will assess each other's proposals in advance of a pre-scheduled meeting organized by SPARC. Each applicant will complete and receive 2-3 sets of written feedback in addition to verbal feeback originating from the face-to-face discussions (30min per proposal). The written reviews must be submitted to Stephane Dragon via email the day prior to the review meeting.


Please select an alternative meeting date in case the selected meeting is merged with another meeting to improve reviewer assignments or canceled due to low participation

To complete the registration, the following materials must be forward to: one week prior to the review meeting.

Research Proposal (.doc or .pdf)
      •  Research Summary (1 page)
      •  Proposal (10 pages includes figures)
      •  References (No Page Limits)
      •  Optional: Response to Previous Reviews (1 page)

Please note that this program is intended for Principal Applicants (i.e. faculty members) and requires the participation of an eligible faculty member who must attend the face-to-face review meeting

Please select your primary Theme and Institute(s)

Please select your primary/ secondary Area of Research

Does your Project Grant application include a knowledge translation or commercialization component and/ or a partner/ knowledge user?

Please list up to three keywords to describe your research project, the techniques and the methodologies it will employ, and/ or the areas of interest.

Posted: Aug 23, 2016